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Project 4: Prezi Presentation


  • Description:
    • A Presentation Describing my previous experience with COMM 130
  • Process (Programs, Tools, Skills):
    • Pen, & Paper, Photoshop, and a knowledge of white space.
    • file_000
  • Message:
    • Learn from my mistakes, and do much better the first time.
  • Audience:
    • Everyone taking this class.
  • Top Thing Learned:
    • Prezi has a steep learning curve. I think Ill stick with power point. However, this assignment taught me to be more creative, So I think I will try my hand at
  • Color scheme and color names:
    • Monochromatic – Yellow
  • Title Font Name & Category:
    • Tino – Serif
  • Copy Font Name & Category:
    • Tino – Serif
  • Word Count of copy:
  • Thumbnails of Images used:

wooden-picture-frames-5 victorian-wood-frame renaissance-gold-11x14-frame-for-wall-decoration-ideas-11x14-black-picture-frame-frames-11x14-wall-frame-collage-standard-frame-sizes-michaels-michaels-frames-11x14-pottery-barn-picture-frames-picture goldfinger-extra-credit photoshop wooden-octogon-picture-frame-2 pexels-photo-62451 person-apple-laptop-notebook merged_oxbow_bend-3239x1031 adobe-creative-cloud-icon adobe_indesign_icon_cs6-svg adobe_illustrator_cc_icon-svg 10484146_10203893040099410_2367347104780150711_o



Project 2A: Life Magazine Cover


Design a magazine cover that showcases yourself, as well as articles about certain aspects of your life.

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills):

When coming up with a design, I somewhat misread the directions, and thought that we were supposed to do a general magazine cover highlighting a random story (I have a tendency to skim when I read.) so my first attempt looked like this…


Pretty boring, huh?

Yeah, I did not like the picture I used and some of my aligning was off, but it was solid start, and through some refinement I made the better one you see at the top. Here’s what I did.

  1. Since I have a very visual mind, I somewhat skipped sketching and jumped right into InDesign. I knew what I wanted and lept into action.
  2. Starting a new document in 8.5 x 11 size, I inserted my image and the LIFE logo, and locked them into place.
  3. I then created several article titles and placed them on the lower right-hand side to help balance out the design.
  4. I made the lower band to help show the issue number and volume number, and other little details to make it seem like a real world product.
  5. I then exported as a .jpeg in 150 ppi. (I would’ve done 300 ppi because i prefer the higher quality.)


I wanted to show who I am and what I like to think about. As I said in my video, I consider myself a very intellectual person, and I wanted to effectively portray that with this project.


Those who are interested in learning about a wide variety of topics.

Top Thing Learned:

DON’T JUMP IN WITHOUT TESTING THE WATER! ( or in this case, sketching your idea and defining your audience)

Color scheme and color names:

Monochromatic – Red

Title Font Name & Category:

Ariel Narrow Bold – Sans Serif

Copy Font Name & Category:

Ariel Narrow – Sans Serif

Thumbnails of Images used:

file_000 img_7692

SOURCE OF EACH IMAGE (website name and hyperlink)

Both images are my own.



Myself – COMM 130

Hello everyone! Sorry Im late. This should explain why…

Description coming soon!

P8 Brochure

  1. Description:
  2. Process (Programs, Tools, Skills):
  3. Message:
  4. Audience:
  5. Top Thing Learned:
  6. Color scheme and color names:
  7. Title Font Name & Category:
  8. Copy Font Name & Category:
  9. Word Count of copy:
  10. Thumbnails of Images used:

    2015-12-05 (1) 2015-12-05


  • Process: Coding was a very daunting task when I first saw it, but the more I learned, the more I took to it like a fish to water. After creating the logo in Illustrator, I began coding in Notepad ++. by far the hardest part was trying to create the style sheet in CSS. In HTML, I could follow it easily, because it had a beginning, middle, and end. In CSS however, it’s more a list of elements, and it was a chore to figure out which line of code should go into which element. I got it in the end, and the result is wonderfully retro.
  • Programs/Tools Used: Adobe Illustrator, Notepad ++
  • Message: This is a movie reviewer who is very neat and orderly, and will tell you clearly which movies are good, why they are good, and whether they are worth your time.
  • Top Thing Learned: How to code, and do wonders with it.
  • Color Scheme and Color Names: Analagous – Red, and yellow with various shades of grey along with black, I wanted to provide some formality with the fonts, and to evoke a sense of classic hollywood, a time of fantasy, swashbuckling, and high adventure.
  • Title Font Name & Category: Copperplate Gothic, Oldstyle
  • Body Font Name & Category: Courier New, Slab Serif
  • Changes made to the CSS: The major changes were changing the background to a image, changing the fonts, center-lining the headlines, adding a border to the logo image, and inverting the colors for the body
  • Audience: I intend to reach 20-30 year olds with this logo, evoking a sense of nostalgia, especially when connected to classic movies.
  • Word Count: 268

P6: Stationery and Buisness Cards

P6JarenWalker-Buisness CardLarge P6JarenWalker-Stationery

  • Description: My revision of business cards and stationery for my dad’s dental office.
  • Process (Programs, Tools, Skills): I used Adobe Illustrator to create the logo, and then inserted the logo into Adobe InDesign, where I laid out the final product, added text, and then exported both.
  • Message: This dental office is friendly, warm, and will be there for all seasons.
  • Audience: anyone, especially people who are scared of the dentist.
  • Top Thing Learned: InDesign is not my favorite Adobe program, it can be clunky and awkward to use, but if you know her tricks, you can create great stuff
  • Color scheme and color names: 
    • Big split complementary
    • Dark Red, Light Blue, Medium Yellow, Dark Green
  • Title Font
    • Name: Cassanet
    • Category: Decorative
  • Copy Font
    • Name:  Calibri
    • Category: Sans Serif


  • Description: Logo for my personal mark
  • Process: I’ve had the idea of using a star in a circle as my own mark for some time, but all the ones I’ve tried to come up with were somewhat lack luster. However, when I got this assignment, it really got my creative juices flowing. My rough I tried a few different variations, but I was right the first time as most voted for my first logo. So in my final draft, I refined it further, adding the starburst from my third design, and making the star somewhat 3D.
  • Programs, Tools Used: Adobe Illustrator
  • Message: People can rise to the occasion, with the right tools and know-how, creating something unique and insightful.
  • Top Thing Learned: How to use Illustrator effectively
  • Color Scheme and Color Names: Complementary, Blue and Yellow (Somewhat of a stretch, but I really liked those colors together)
  • Font Name & Category: Andes, Decorative


With this, I wanted to recreate the first vision using two statues I had seen on campus, the Joseph Smith one from the Hinckley building, and a bronze statue of Christ from the snow building. The results, I have to say, are somewhat underwelming. The message is lost, mainly because I never had a solid one to begin with, The feathering was hard to get a hold of. It either faded too much, or not enough. Also, I need to work on my typography, I know the basic styles, I just don’t know which ones go well together.

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