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Project 12: Brochure

Project 10: Website Mock-up


  • Create a mockup of a potential website using photoshop.

Well-written process (Programs/tools/skills/Steps taken while designing)

  • I first sketched out potential layouts, Eventually Settling on #3
  • 10a-sketches-jarenwalker-1-and-2 10a-sketches-jarenwalker-3
  • I got right into Photoshop and using a 24 column graph as a layout, I started positioning all the details
  • I then started replacing the markers with details like photos for the 4 boxes in the middle, Copyright info for the bottom, and a subtle background.

Critique Report

  • Facebook Critique: None
  • Instructor Critique: She suggested that I work on alignment, making sure that the 4 squares in the middle were properly aligned.


  • Elegance in costuming

Audience listed

  • Those who want top quality in their costumes

Top thing learned

  • The shape map was very helpful, as was the sketches, further cementing the need to Formulate and Organize.

Colors scheme and color name

  • Complementary: Indigo and Gold

Title/Copy font & category listed

  • Title: Tarajan Pro 3 (Serif)
  • Copy: Century Gothic (Sans Serif)

Thumbnails of images

Gentlemans Emporium

Badwolf Costumes

fantasy-merchant-1 star_trek_beyond_gold_tunic_premier_00 social-media-icons-the-circle-set purple-smoking-jacket purple-ascot project-10-draft


7A: Business Identity

Final Copy

7ajarenwalker 7ajarenwalker2

  • Description:
    • A letter head and business card for a fictional company that provides high quality costumes for film companies, and individual cosplayers
  • Process: 
    • I first tried different names and logos before settling on a bird for it.
    • I then tried different logo designs of that bird before settling on a modified version of the first logo.
    • After thinking it over, I changed the name of the company to reflect a new color scheme I came up with.
    • I then created a draft of the letterhead, and business card and got some feedback from a few people.
    • I made sure to focus on contrast with colors and alignment.
  • Critique Report:
    • My Mom didn’t have much to say this week other than words of encouragement.
    • Facebook Critique: None
    • Instructor Critique: She mainly recommended that I loose the border my original design as it made the layout appear cramped.
  • Message
    • These guys arent some on off costuming brand from china. They make quality stuff.
  • Audience
    • Anyone looking for a good quality costume this halloween, or for a film they are making.
  • Top thing learned
    • I learned to not assume that people will automatically know what your logo means at first sight. I also learned that to make any design really good, you need to focus on the details
  • Color scheme and color names listed
    • Complementary: Indigo (Faded, Medium, Dark, and Darker), and Gold
  • Title/Copy font & category listed
    • Title – Tarajan Pro 3 (Serif Font)
    • Copy – Minon Pro (Serif)

Original Drafts


Original logo ideas


P6: Meridian Temple Montage

  • Description
    • A Montage featuring a spiritual theme.
  • Well-written process (Programs/tools/skills/Steps taken while designing)
    • I always wanted to do something with the temple, so once I had the Idea, I leapt into action
    • I first found a image of a cloudy sky, brought it into Photoshop, turned it black and white, and used it for my background.
    • Then I found a image of a temple that I liked, used the quick selection tool to create two new layers, one in black in white, and another in color, and brought them into the new design with color on top.
    • I also found a image of Christ I liked, and using the lasso tool, created a new image with a faded border, and brought it into the design.
    • Using the brush tool and various masks, I refined the design and any hard edges the design had.
    • Finally, I added a quote, and brushed some dark grey lightly behind it to help it pop.
  • Critique Report
    • My mom provided some good critique involving color. Originally I had used all yellow, but she felt it was a little too hard read, which led me to using a variety of colors, along with light grey behind it.
    • Facebook Critique: Emily Rose Perkins
    • In Person Critique: Mary Walker
    • Instructor Critique: She recommended the color be different, and I should add some color to the design.
  • Message:
    • The temple is a sacred, spiritual place that points us to Christ.
  • Audience listed
    • Anyone in Meridian Idaho, interested about the new temple.
  • Top thing learned
    • Using the brush tool effectively.
  • Colors scheme and color name
    • Analogous – Red, Brick, Orange, and Gold
  • Title/Copy font & category listed
    • Title: Copperplate Gothic – Decorative
    • Copy: Century Gothic – Sans Serif
  • Thumbnails of images

cloudysky024 del-parson-10 meridian-mormon-temple1

Bronco Photodesign


A Photodesign that utilizes good photography and design skills to create a poster that shows a consistent color scheme

Well-written process (Programs/tools/skills/FOCUS principles)

I had a hard time find something I could photograph, until I remembered my Dad and his Ford Bronco. It was the perfect subject, with a distinctive color scheme, and I could make a idea to go with it.  I was able to get a picture of it, and then I did the following.

  • After I took a picture, I brought it into Photoshop, and I applied the filters necessary, and then I started to mess around with color and vibrancy a little bit, to get the colors to pop.
  • Then, using the quick select tool, I selected the bronco, and brought just the bronco without the background into a blank Photoshop document.
  • I then added shapes to cover the blank windows, added a road that matched the colors, and added a quote, keeping with a diagonal alignment.

Critique Report

  • I met with my mother, who helped me pick out the quote and refine a few things.
  • Facebook Critiques: Hannah Dunlop, and Emily Rose Perkins
  • One on One Critique: Mary Walker
  • Instructor Critique: The main thing she suggested that I improve was my use of typefaces, choosing two that provided more of a contrast. So I made most of the quote one typeface, and using a more unique one to emphasize a specific part of it.


  • Dont be afraid of going too fast. It provides adventure.

Audience listed

  • Those who may be too timid to do anything new, and to those who may feel life is too fast.

Top thing learned

  • Filters in Photoshop, and how to use my IPhone effectively as a good camera. Saved my bacon with this project.

Colors scheme and color names listed

  • Complementary – Blue and Orange

Title/Copy font & category listed

  • Title = Flyboy BB – Decorative
  • Copy = Futura PT – Sans Serif

Thumbnail of original, unedited image inserted


Date and location you took the photo(s)

10/10/2016 – My Backyard

Video of printed project embedded

Myself – COMM 130

Hello everyone! Sorry Im late. This should explain why…

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