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Time Spent on Corrections

  • I spent about two hours. making minor corrections on all my projects, allowing them to conform to suggestions that Sister Tranberg made.


  • A Portfolio showcasing my best projects from this Visual Media Course.


  • I started by creating a page layout in InDesign, something elegant, and placing the page designs onto my master pages section.
  • I then went through all my projects in chronological order, making corrections, and exporting the revised projects to my InDesign folder.
  • Finally I added descriptions for each project, using the examples as a guide of what to include.


  • The main thing people said about my rough draft, was I was too frilly with the original. the font was hard to read, I had all these unnecessary details, and the alignment was all over the place. So, I took the time and made all the corrections I needed.
  • Facebook Critiques: Rashida Torres


  • Showcasing me in a classy, mature, and stylish way.


  • Potential clients, and employers.

Top Thing Learned

  • Don’t go overboard. More often than not, you must Keep It Simple, Silly!

Fonts Used

  • Title: Century Gothic – Sans Serif
  • Body: Times New Roman – Oldstyle

* All images and projects are my own.