• Create a mockup of a potential website using photoshop.

Well-written process (Programs/tools/skills/Steps taken while designing)

  • I first sketched out potential layouts, Eventually Settling on #3
  • 10a-sketches-jarenwalker-1-and-2 10a-sketches-jarenwalker-3
  • I got right into Photoshop and using a 24 column graph as a layout, I started positioning all the details
  • I then started replacing the markers with details like photos for the 4 boxes in the middle, Copyright info for the bottom, and a subtle background.

Critique Report

  • Facebook Critique: None
  • Instructor Critique: She suggested that I work on alignment, making sure that the 4 squares in the middle were properly aligned.


  • Elegance in costuming

Audience listed

  • Those who want top quality in their costumes

Top thing learned

  • The shape map was very helpful, as was the sketches, further cementing the need to Formulate and Organize.

Colors scheme and color name

  • Complementary: Indigo and Gold

Title/Copy font & category listed

  • Title: Tarajan Pro 3 (Serif)
  • Copy: Century Gothic (Sans Serif)

Thumbnails of images

Gentlemans Emporium

Badwolf Costumes

fantasy-merchant-1 star_trek_beyond_gold_tunic_premier_00 social-media-icons-the-circle-set purple-smoking-jacket purple-ascot project-10-draft