• Create a custom website using HTML & CSS Code

Well-written process (Programs/tools/skills/Steps taken while designing)

  • I gathered my logo from illustrator, made tweaks to the size and exported it.
  • I also exported the Crown image, after making tweaks to the size to use it as a background file.
  • I opened my HTML file and CSS file, and began making changes side by side.
  • At regular intervals I would open the HTML file in my web browser to make sure things were going on the right track.
  • I then zipped the file and exported it

Critique Report

  • No critiques for this week.


  • These guys make elegant costumes.

Audience listed

  • Those interested in buying costumes.

Top thing learned

  • I need to learn a lot more about coding before I can be comfortable with it.

Colors scheme and color name

  • Complimentary – Indigo, and Gold

Title/Copy font & category listed

  • Title – Times New Roman (Oldstyle)
  • Copy – Courier New (Slab Serif)

Thumbnails of images

  • N/A