A infographic describing the similarities and differences Microsoft and Apple


  • After drawing the general layout of the design, and selecting a color scheme, I moved into Illustrator, and created a repeating background to add texture
  • I then created the banners for each section.
  • Then working down, I added text, graphs, and illustrations for most sections that needed it.
  • Created a matte to cover parts that went outside the artboard.
  • I added some further details, like keys on the keyboards, Shrapnel on the Apple Graph, and sharpened details in general
  • Complete!

Critique Report

  • Instructor Critique: She recommended that I add white behind text in order to make it easier to read.


Consider alternatives when looking for a computer.

Audience listed

College students looking for a new computer.

Top thing learned

Don’t get too embroiled in details. They suck up time. Just get the basic outline done, and then come back to the details when you have time.

Colors scheme and color name

Triadic – Blue, Yellow, Red

Title/Copy font & category listed

Title: American Captain – Decorative

Copy: Courier New – Slab Serif