Final Copy

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  • Description:
    • A letter head and business card for a fictional company that provides high quality costumes for film companies, and individual cosplayers
  • Process: 
    • I first tried different names and logos before settling on a bird for it.
    • I then tried different logo designs of that bird before settling on a modified version of the first logo.
    • After thinking it over, I changed the name of the company to reflect a new color scheme I came up with.
    • I then created a draft of the letterhead, and business card and got some feedback from a few people.
    • I made sure to focus on contrast with colors and alignment.
  • Critique Report:
    • My Mom didn’t have much to say this week other than words of encouragement.
    • Facebook Critique: None
    • Instructor Critique: She mainly recommended that I loose the border my original design as it made the layout appear cramped.
  • Message
    • These guys arent some on off costuming brand from china. They make quality stuff.
  • Audience
    • Anyone looking for a good quality costume this halloween, or for a film they are making.
  • Top thing learned
    • I learned to not assume that people will automatically know what your logo means at first sight. I also learned that to make any design really good, you need to focus on the details
  • Color scheme and color names listed
    • Complementary: Indigo (Faded, Medium, Dark, and Darker), and Gold
  • Title/Copy font & category listed
    • Title – Tarajan Pro 3 (Serif Font)
    • Copy – Minon Pro (Serif)

Original Drafts


Original logo ideas