• Description: Logo for my personal mark
  • Process: I’ve had the idea of using a star in a circle as my own mark for some time, but all the ones I’ve tried to come up with were somewhat lack luster. However, when I got this assignment, it really got my creative juices flowing. My rough I tried a few different variations, but I was right the first time as most voted for my first logo. So in my final draft, I refined it further, adding the starburst from my third design, and making the star somewhat 3D.
  • Programs, Tools Used: Adobe Illustrator
  • Message: People can rise to the occasion, with the right tools and know-how, creating something unique and insightful.
  • Top Thing Learned: How to use Illustrator effectively
  • Color Scheme and Color Names: Complementary, Blue and Yellow (Somewhat of a stretch, but I really liked those colors together)
  • Font Name & Category: Andes, Decorative