Originally, I wanted to do something with music, so I created a crude rough draft using Word.



JarenWalker-COMM130-07-Project #3 rough draft

I wasn’t satisfied with the result, and I scrapped the whole idea in favor of a new one. Using a Photo I took of some fall leaves, and a quote from one of my favorite childhood movies, I created a brand new design…

P3-JarenWalker Finished Product

IMG_5718 Original Image (Taken Oct. 17th 2015)

I like this one because I think the picture is one of the best. I love the way it fades from the very red tree in the back, to the oranges and yellows of the front. Using analogous colors (Brick, Orange, and Gold) I created a great image. also, I positioned the quote so your eyes flow around the edge of the image. Also, with the Winnie The Pooh Quote, I wanted to bring back a sense of nostalgia, and fun surrounding fall, and all the fun you would have with jumping into leaves, and other fun things about fall.