1. In a inbetween stage.
    1. Prepare for a future after College.
    2. New careers popping up everywhere
    3. Communication is changing constantly
  2. New Ways of Communication
    1. Church Newsletter
    2. Microsoft Stories
      1. Project Spark
    3. FinFun (website developed by a former BYU-I student, and is now the company’s social media director)
    4. Dumb Ways to Die
    5. Mormon Temple LDS Rexburg Idaho (DJI Phantom)
  3. Communication is Storytelling
  4. How to become a great storyteller.
    1. It starts with a SEA change
      1. Skill: multi-talented professional. WordPress, Adobe, Google, Etc.
      2. Experience: Do what you love NOW!!
      3. Attitude: self-discipline, do your best, and be your best.
    2. “You Gotta Wanna” do it above anything else
    3. Being World Class is hard to do.
    4. All about your perception.
    5. News Sites, and Entertainment Stories
  5. The 10K principle
    1. devote 10,000 hours to something and you will be great.
  6. Want a Extra Edge
    1. Immerse yourself into your major.
    2. Create something unique.
    3. Specialize in something helpful.
    4. Unite with like minded individuals (FILM SOCIETY!!!)
    5. build professional Network
    6. Worldwatch
    7. Challenge Yourself
    8.  Your unigue Brand
    9. Right place, Right time.
  7. Off track 10k Checklist